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Just for the record…

I’ve not been doing much that seems bloggable lately, so just a small item for now: today I did my first build and run of a Linux kernel that I’d modified. I’m not going to the few evening classes that are on over the summer, to give me more freedom for cycling to work (I […]

Plans for the year

Although New Year’s resolutions are apparently mostly useless, I do have some targets for the next year or so. The article linked above mentions: people who kept their resolutions tended to have broken their goal into smaller steps and rewarded themselves when they achieved one of these. They also told their friends about their goals, […]

N900 update

I now have my N900 set up much of the way I want it; the next lot of changes will be some Emacs-Lisp to suit the circumstances. I’ve got Emacs working OK on it, but although on a desktop or laptop I rarely use the mouse, the small size of keyboard on the N900 will […]

Almost complete!

My dayjob project is now almost complete! It’s running the main testcase satisfactorily, it seems, and after checking that it runs on other cases, and a bit of tidying-up, I can move on to doing experiments with it, and getting some research publications written. I’ll also add to the documentation. My contract finishes at the […]

Python: working out whether it’s an expression or a program

Here’s a code fragment I wrote for my project Muesli that tries to figure out whether a fragment of Python code should be parsed as an expression or a program, which is necessary as the Python parser API needs to be told. int muesli_python_input_type(const char *python_c_string) { /* Suggested heuristic: Skip initial docstrings and comments. […]

I shouldn’t be surprised

I left a program with lots of debugging printout running in an Emacs shell buffer, and when I came back to it the shell buffer had grown to 95 Mbytes. Emacs had much smaller buffer limits when I started to use it, and I remember being bemused when buffer limits changed to allow 8Mbyte files.  […]

A nice surprise

Over quite a few years, I wrote a largish Emacs-Lisp extension, Versor (versatile cursors). It’s great for editing Lisp, and reasonable for LaTeX etc, but I’ve not been using it so much recently because i’ve been working in C, and I need to improve its handling of C (which is fairly soon on my queue). […]

Nesting programming language text

Some time ago I started to implement nested language evaluation in Muesli, but I got bogged down. Now I’ve re-written it from scratch, as a state machine that copies the program text, making the necessary substitutions as it does so. So now it can evaluate this (with Scheme as the base language): (+ 3 {{lua: […]

I’m going to Irish Hackerspaces Week (well, some of it)

I’ve booked B&B for a couple of nights in Dublin, to get to some of Tog‘s talks in Irish Hackerspaces Week. Should be good for general networking too, and to exchange ideas with people, and to discuss project ideas (such as my vehicle tracker project).

I’m going to a GeekNic

I hope to make it to the July Irish Geeknic in Dún Laoghaire this coming Sunday. Seeing that rail tickets cost more than driving there, but I don’t like to make longish driving journeys for just one thing, I’ll probably travel up Friday evening or Saturday, and find a campsite somewhere in County Wicklow, which […]