Monthly Archives: November 2011

Experimenting with (prescription) drugs

A bit over a year ago, a consultant in Ireland started me on a statin (Rosuvastatin) to lower my cholesterol levels, which worked OK, and I didn’t notice any side effects.. When I moved to England, my GP switched me to a cheaper statin, Simvastatin, which turned out to have side-effects on my muscles (a […]

Emacs tips: parenthesizing

To help people get more out of Emacs use, I’ve decided to start putting up occasional Emacs Tips posts. Here’s the first one: You can surround one or more s-expressions with parentheses by giving the number of expressions as a prefix argument, then typing M-( Further tip: if you’re at the end of the expression […]

A small gesture for the badgers

Because of the cattle-farming industry’s support for a badger cull, I’ve switched to buying goats’ milk and related products where possible, and am avoiding beef products. A symbolic gesture, but I encourage others to take it up too.