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Near the end of the Iain M Banks novel “Look to windward”, an artificial assassin arrives on the target planet as a cloud of e-dust particles, which gather together and condense into a recognizable imitation of the targets’ own species. My return to the Cambridge area seems to have something in common with this, not […]

N900 update

I now have my N900 set up much of the way I want it; the next lot of changes will be some Emacs-Lisp to suit the circumstances. I’ve got Emacs working OK on it, but although on a desktop or laptop I rarely use the mouse, the small size of keyboard on the N900 will […]

Another attempt at loading my N900

This time I’ll be more systematic, and record what I’m doing. I’m putting oddities related to extra things I’ve done in italics (or whatever this bit displays as). manual backup of ~/.calendar/ and ~/.ossa-abook reflash set up wireless connection access a web page, to make our wifi thing bring up its login page use the […]

Something new to learn my way around: Nokia N900 and Maemo

[Update: don’t take this as instructions for what to do. When I next turned the phone off and back on again, it came up with weird collections of little boxes that appear to be missing characters in a font. It’s hard to tell what’s going on, and I’m about to try to reflash it using […]