Monthly Archives: October 2010

Job search in progress

I took another step into the 21st century (in case there are any interesting jobs there 😉 and finally got Skype. I hadn’t bothered before, as I don’t have an internet connection at home, and at work I’m in a shared lab and we generally take phone calls outside. But, a company in the UK […]

Bread (machine) recipe improvements

I’ve continued to experiment with different ingredients to put into my bread machine, and have come up with another one I like. As before, it starts with the “brown bread” recipe from the machine’s instructions, that uses equal quantities of wholemeal and strong white flour. Use the normal amount of white flour, but replace some […]

Almost complete!

My dayjob project is now almost complete! It’s running the main testcase satisfactorily, it seems, and after checking that it runs on other cases, and a bit of tidying-up, I can move on to doing experiments with it, and getting some research publications written. I’ll also add to the documentation. My contract finishes at the […]

Python: working out whether it’s an expression or a program

Here’s a code fragment I wrote for my project Muesli that tries to figure out whether a fragment of Python code should be parsed as an expression or a program, which is necessary as the Python parser API needs to be told. int muesli_python_input_type(const char *python_c_string) { /* Suggested heuristic: Skip initial docstrings and comments. […]

Islands, church trips, and the delay of gratification

Last weekend was a bit of a flop, in many ways. At least that should mean things have more potential to get better! I had been meaning to go to OSSbarcamp, and thought I had booked the hotel for my stay, but it turned out I’d forgotten, and all the ones I could find with […]