Job search in progress

I took another step into the 21st century (in case there are any interesting jobs there 😉 and finally got Skype. I hadn’t bothered before, as I don’t have an internet connection at home, and at work I’m in a shared lab and we generally take phone calls outside. But, a company in the UK wants to interview me using Skype and Google Wave! I hadn’t tried Wave, either, as email is “good enough” and so universal. Looking round Google’s pages about Wave, I found they got the name from Firefly / Serenity (where it seems to mean something like “email” or “message”) — perhaps I would have tried it earlier had I made the connection!
Most of the job adverts that look interesting to me are in the UK (although I’m also looking for other countries) and some of them are in Cambridge, where I’ve spent most of my life so far. I’m wondering what I’ll find it like to go back after seven years in Ireland. I’d be coming back with a much more relaxed perspective on life; I was often quite stressed in Cambridge but I think Ireland (and in particular my wonderful laid-back neighbours) have changed me quite a bit.
And a pair of front tyres for my recumbent have arrived by post (I can’t buy them locally), and I fitted them today. I’ll be pleased to get back to cycling (although to compensate, I’ve been working out hard in the gym, my most intense exercise has been 365 calories in 30 minutes 10 seconds on the cross-trainer, and I think I’m losing weight, although my daily variation is quite a bit so it’s hard to tell in the short term).
Now I’d better go and read about stuff that I should have fresh in my memory for possible interviews, as some of the possibilities have a bit of a change of direction (there are quite a lot in the embeddded area, including embedded Linux, and some kernel-related ones; I’ve worked on a different OS kernel in the past, and I know all the principles, but want to get the right naming, etc).
And if anyone reading this is looking for an experienced {C / Lisp / C++ / lots of other languages} programmer (with team leadership and research capabilities), drop me a comment!


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