Monthly Archives: August 2012

Workround for a current eBay problem

Yesterday and today, I’ve been unable to checkout my shopping basket on eBay, getting “error 70003” when I try to do so. The advice from customer support didn’t help (clear history, cookies, cache etc) so I tried “buy now” on each item instead. That gave the same error, but the error page offered me a […]

Starting on the bodywork, and I learn to weld

I took a couple of days of last week as annual leave to work on the 6-wheeler project, which now has most of the main mechanisms in place and is moving on to renovating and adapting the bodywork. First, a simple task: painting the gearboxes to match the recently-painted engine. It’ll help to show up […]

A film I won’t see in the cinema

I see that the row about the Hobbit pub is rumbling on. It’s a film I probably would have made the effort to go to a cinema to see, but now, as a matter of principle, I’ll wait until I can get it on a second-hand DVD, to avoid paying the Saul Zaentz Company anything. […]

Looking a bit more vehicular

Some more progress on the Land Rover rebuild yesterday: we got the second axle on, the rest of the lower part of the steering connected, and the engine and gearbox in (with new clutch and cambelt). I also spray-painted the engine, with high-temperature engine paint. This photo shows just the red parts; I also painted […]

The BBC news site is being odd today

The BBC News website has for a long time shown ten sites in its “Most read” list; earlier today it was showing just two, and now it’s showing eight. It set me wondering whether there was a story that someone didn’t want to be seen as popular, but then they could have just rigged the […]