Monthly Archives: April 2010

Some self-improvement aims

I’ve read that keeping resolutions is easier if you tell people about them, so here are the things I’m trying to make progress on; I’ll report on how I do with them: Being less distractable (particularly into browsing the web) More language learning — I’m trying to learn several at once, using Emacs’ flashcard system […]

OSSbarcamp, and trying out a new idea, and a bad habit

I went to in Dublin on Saturday; an enjoyable and relaxed chance to meet up with more geeks than I usually get a chance to. I was quite late in signing up, but put myself down to do a lightning talk anyway, despite not having time to prepare — if I’m interested in something, […]

Further announcement of project Muesli

Although there’s still plenty to be done before Muesli and its Emacs interface are “ready for the big time”, on looking at to check for ideas, I thought I might as well add a mention of it so people can start looking at it… I’d be pleased if other people start adding things to […]