Monthly Archives: September 2012

Little progress this weekend

Yesterday, we started to try to fix the mistakes I’d made in making the support frames for the rear floor, and after a while decided that the best thing was to replace most of them with new ones — a bit of a setback, but it’s silly to build a part that is (and looks!) […]

Intermittent fasting: beginning, and initial progress

Last month, I noticed the BBC article The power of intermittent fasting, and decided to try it, initially two days per week (one of the standard patterns). I’ve long been overweight, and have never been good about avoiding overeating (mostly comfort eating when stuck or bored). This system looked more promising than most, partly because […]

More work on the seatboxes

To experiment with placing the second row of seats, I fitted one seat to the seatbox frame (which at this stage was just bolted together). This position gave enough room for me to sit, but probably not much room for getting in and out once the door pillars are complete, and probably not enough room […]

Starting to add the seatboxes

I’ve now started to add the seatboxes (the parts under the seats). The front one is original, but the second row I’m fabricating from scratch, as I want it to be deeper than normal, with a view to having traction batteries, and perhaps the electric motor, in there eventually. The first stage was to finish […]

Chassis and body start to come together

It’s been a busy weekend on my Land Rover 170 project. I completed making the frames for the rear floor, and did a few final touches of welding on the bulkhead, then painted it and added soundproofing. Then we lifted the bulkhead and wings, and the rear tub, onto the body… and found I had […]