Almost complete!

My dayjob project is now almost complete! It’s running the main testcase satisfactorily, it seems, and after checking that it runs on other cases, and a bit of tidying-up, I can move on to doing experiments with it, and getting some research publications written. I’ll also add to the documentation. My contract finishes at the end of November, and a follow-on contract won’t be available immediately, as the funding isn’t yet through, so I’ll be handing the project on for others to maintain (having spent nearly three years developing it by myself). It’s interesting to find what others make of a system which I’ve developed with advice from my boss but little other use by others.

Also, I’m looking for another job, and have little idea of where I’ll be in two months time.

There are so many modern computing things I should learn about; I can claim pretty good skills at the `ancient core’ of computing, but there’s a lot of stuff that I should have at least some experience of, that ideally I should learn up to get onto my CV. But having been programming as a job for over twenty years now, I’ve accumulated enough languages, systems, and skills, that I think I can be seen to able to learn new things as needed; not that this is much help with getting through the HR screening of applications, where they’re looking for people who already have the very specific experience the employer is looking for.


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