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Getting my Krav Maga P2

A few months ago, I passed my Krav Maga P2 grading. Like my P1, this was on the second attempt. This time, I scraped through with a borderline pass. So now, I’m (just) trained up enough to deal with most civilian street attacks. At the time, I thought that P3 would be out of my […]

Plans for the year

Although New Year’s resolutions are apparently mostly useless, I do have some targets for the next year or so. The article linked above mentions: people who kept their resolutions tended to have broken their goal into smaller steps and rewarded themselves when they achieved one of these. They also told their friends about their goals, […]

Language learning, up to July 2010

Here’s the first numeric status update for my project to learn several languages at once. Counts total learnt learning waiting BSQ 180 143 3 34 KHK 121 112 2 7 GLI 94 73 2 19 FIN 76 66 1 9 MLS 76 61 14 1 RUM 69 23 22 24 JPN 67 59 1 7 […]

Connecting up my GM862 — the first step towards my DIY vehicle tracker

At last, all the parts have arrived (or so I thought) for connecting up my GM862 via a breakout board, and so I plugged the module in to the board, and found that the antennae had a different type of connector from those on the module, so I couldn’t do any actual GSM/GPRS or GPS […]

I’m going to a GeekNic

I hope to make it to the July Irish Geeknic in DĂșn Laoghaire this coming Sunday. Seeing that rail tickets cost more than driving there, but I don’t like to make longish driving journeys for just one thing, I’ll probably travel up Friday evening or Saturday, and find a campsite somewhere in County Wicklow, which […]

Learning several languages at once

I’ve long been interested in human languages, and have learnt the basics of several. I’m just starting to be more systematic about it (after at least a year of good intentions to do so). The tipping point was switching from the default Leitner algorithm and trying the “sm5” algorithm, for the Emacs flashcard program. This […]