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My second trip to Albania, and OSCAL

I took a liking to Albania on my first visit, and met up with the local hackerspace, Open Labs, who invited me to come to their annual conference, OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania). I happily booked transport and hotel for this, including a few days either side of the conference for general holiday and OpenStreetMap […]

Co-ordinating and logging informal runs and rides

In my post about Little Stoke Parkrun, I suggested that a computerized system for co-ordinating and recording informal runs, so that people could do something like Parkrun, but without anyone being able to demand anything from them on the excuse of them being an “organization”, would be useful. I’m a programmer, and have some ideas […]

WNBR 2015

Last year, I took part in the World Naked Bike Ride in London for the fourth time, and this year I did the London ride again, and the (new) Cambridge one. With five rides, I guess I’m a regular now. As usual, it was great fun, and I definitely recommend trying it! However, I think […]

Building a recumbent carrier

Sometimes I go on trips where I want to use my recumbent trike, that are further from home than I can reasonably cycle to. The trike can fit inside my Land Rover’s loadspace, but getting it in and out is cumbersome (particularly now that I have started to develop rotator cuff problems), and for some […]

A quick update on Land-Rover work

I haven’t been doing much work on my Land Rover recently, because of the cold weather and lack of available dry daylight hours. I’ve been doing some wiring (still in progress), but as you can see, there’s some tidying-up to do on that before I regard it as “done” for a while. At least the […]

At last, I go to the TaizĂ© meeting in Prague

Soon after I heard of the TaizĂ© movement, I saw a notice about the New Year’s meeting in Prague in 1990. Unfortunately, the local contact was someone in my parish who didn’t like me (OK, I fancied her, and she didn’t fancy me back and didn’t want me to be able to go) and she […]

More Land Rover work: the tandem wheelarches

With a bit of subcontracting (for TIG-welding of aluminium, as well as the folding of it in a brake press), I’ve got Marmalade’s treadplate wheelarches built, and a lot of treadplate rivetted onto the sides of the vehicle and welded to the arches to stabilize them. With a bit of brachiation, it’s now possible to […]

EMFcamp (and some geek clothing)

I attended my first geek festival earlier this year: EMFcamp. I really enjoyed it, and will definitely go again. As I was travelling, and camping, in Marmalade, my six-wheeled Land Rover, I helped Makespace (the hackerspace of which I am a member) by transporting several people and lots of stuff there, including a marquee. Only […]

My annual day of extraversion

For most of the time, I’m fairly introverted, and tend to guard my personal space quite strongly, and am slow to contact strangers, and get uncomfortable in crowds of strangers, particularly when I have little in common with them. However, I can be more outgoing, even with a lot of people around, at least if […]

High-current wiring to the rear

I’ve now connected the long battery cable that runs to an Anderson connector near the back door, with a couple of tap points on it. As I didn’t want to cut and join the cable (there’ll be enough drop anyway at that length), I tapped it with blocks of brass drilled to fit and clamp […]