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My second trip to Albania, and OSCAL

I took a liking to Albania on my first visit, and met up with the local hackerspace, Open Labs, who invited me to come to their annual conference, OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania). I happily booked transport and hotel for this, including a few days either side of the conference for general holiday and OpenStreetMap […]

Learning street layouts: London

I don’t often go to London (capital cities are generally too large for such a lover of peace and quiet) but when I have been there, I haven’t really known my way around. I’ve decided to do something about that: systematic learning of the major streets. I feel a bit silly constructing silly mnemonics publically, […]

Shops and places

Seeing this article reminded me never to shop in Kensington or Chelsea (the smallest kind of inconvenience for me, as I avoid London like the plague). I do very little shopping in my nearest city, Cambridge, either, also for reasons connected with local government. In 1970 a thriving central area of largely medieval buildings was […]


Near the end of the Iain M Banks novel “Look to windward”, an artificial assassin arrives on the target planet as a cloud of e-dust particles, which gather together and condense into a recognizable imitation of the targets’ own species. My return to the Cambridge area seems to have something in common with this, not […]

Another way to get to work

Around the time of moving into my new house, my Land Rover started to make a worrying noise; last night it got worse, and I can’t get it fixed until next week, so when I got home I walked to the end of my road to look at the bus stop, on the offchance that […]


I moved into my new (rented) house yesterday evening. Getting there was a bit stressful, as I haven’t had a chance to get the Land Rover’s grinding noise fixed (probably a bad bearing or something like that). It’s a bit smaller than I had expected from Google Maps satellite view; I suppose that’s sufficiently detailed […]

Poised, ready to move

I’m not sure about “poised”, in fact, but I am on the point of moving. I’m in the last hour or so of my present job, and will head for a hackerspace meeting after that. Then tomorrow, I take the Land Rover to the garage to have the clutch fluid replaced (yes, I know, I […]

I’ll be moving soon

I had an intense couple of days in the UK last week, being interviewed by two companies. Both of them made me offers, and I accepted the one back in my old home town. So, I’ll soon be looking for accomodation (over the web, mostly) and in a few weeks will be moving. I’ll probably […]

Tósaigh mé an téacs seo ar An Bhlascaoid Mór!

Tósaigh mé an téacs seo ar An Bhlascaoid Mór! I arrived by the ferry, of course, and my arrival was spoilt by some insensitive chump singing silly songs, so I got out my personal stereo that I use to mask out annoying music, and selected Brandenburg 1: Adagio. It suited the mood of the disinhabited […]

Back from holiday

I’m back from a short holiday in West Kerry, including my first two visits to the Great Blasket Island — I wish I had discovered it earlier, I would have been there many times by now! And I still have the angiogram hanging over me (Thursday) which will be the highest-risk half-hour or hour of […]