I’ll be moving soon

I had an intense couple of days in the UK last week, being interviewed by two companies. Both of them made me offers, and I accepted the one back in my old home town. So, I’ll soon be looking for accomodation (over the web, mostly) and in a few weeks will be moving. I’ll probably try to get something within cycling range of work, in a nearby village (my new workplace is on the edge of the city).

I expect it’ll be a little strange to be back in a place that was once familiar, after seven years away. But I expect I’ll settle back in fairly quickly. Of course, I’ve changed since I left there (mellowed under the influence of Ireland), and I gather the placec has changed too.

I expect to carry on with some of the same activities (in particular, ballroom dancing), and pick up some new ones (I’m thinking of having some singing lessons, for a start).

I’m sure I’ll miss Ireland, although I don’t think I’ll miss its rain, nor its politicians.


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