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EMFcamp (and some geek clothing)

I attended my first geek festival earlier this year: EMFcamp. I really enjoyed it, and will definitely go again. As I was travelling, and camping, in Marmalade, my six-wheeled Land Rover, I helped Makespace (the hackerspace of which I am a member) by transporting several people and lots of stuff there, including a marquee. Only […]

I darken the sky with lightswitches

I’ve been working for some time, in any suitable moment, on replacing the separate switch panels that control the auxiliary lighting and other equipment that I’ve added to my Land-Rover. The old panels had so much wiring crammed behind them that they had become very hard to re-attach to the vehicle if I ever had […]

A step forward (or 2501-ish steps) and maybe one back

On Sunday, I started one of the tasks that I’d been putting off (or waiting for someone to find time to help me with): I attached the castor wheels I’d bought for the purpose, to the refurbished commercial-grade cross-trainer that had had to be delivered to my garage as it was too wide for my […]


Near the end of the Iain M Banks novel “Look to windward”, an artificial assassin arrives on the target planet as a cloud of e-dust particles, which gather together and condense into a recognizable imitation of the targets’ own species. My return to the Cambridge area seems to have something in common with this, not […]

Irish Hackerspace Week

As I said I would, I went to some of the TOG‘s talks for Irish Hackerspaces Week, and was, of course, shown round their premises, a very suitable place for such a group. The talks I attended covered electrotextile hacking, Arduino, and the Processing environment on Monday night, and Sugar and lockpicking on Tuesday, all […]

I’m going to Irish Hackerspaces Week (well, some of it)

I’ve booked B&B for a couple of nights in Dublin, to get to some of Tog‘s talks in Irish Hackerspaces Week. Should be good for general networking too, and to exchange ideas with people, and to discuss project ideas (such as my vehicle tracker project).

Connecting up my GM862 — the first step towards my DIY vehicle tracker

At last, all the parts have arrived (or so I thought) for connecting up my GM862 via a breakout board, and so I plugged the module in to the board, and found that the antennae had a different type of connector from those on the module, so I couldn’t do any actual GSM/GPRS or GPS […]