Monthly Archives: February 2011

Resuming cycling to work

Today I cycled to work for the first time in this job, on my recumbent trike. I came back fairly early, as I haven’t finished making my new lighting set. It was about an hour’s ride each way; I didn’t have GPS on and so didn’t record the distance. It was quite a pleasant ride; […]

Some notes about ballroom dancing

I’ve resumed ballroom dancing, which I first learnt (not very well) as a student, then took up again a few years after graduation, and again more recently, eventually improving and sometimes being the best male dancer in the class (not actually very good, I suspect; it was mostly a fairly basic class). The classes I’ve […]

Preparing to twiddle

My HandyKey Twiddler arrived a few days ago. It’s a device I’ve long wanted, but as it had gone out of production I was expecting to have to make something similar using a teensyduino. However, I spotted that it is back in production, so I broke from my orderly gadget purchasing plan to get one […]

So annoyed I could have had icily polite words with someone

On my way home from work today, as usual I used the large roundabout with traffic lights at Milton Junction. I had stopped for the lights, being the first vehicle in the queue, and as I was starting a car went across in front of me going round the roundabout, not just narrowly proceding on […]

My first FOSDEM

Last weekend, I went to FOSDEM for my first time. I think I failed to make the most of the opportunity (I didn’t get into general conversations with interesting strangers much, just asked some questions in talks and at stalls; that’s partly my common inclination, and partly being pissed off about the process of getting […]