Monthly Archives: May 2013

More metalwork

I’ve spent a couple of Saturdays helping two expert metalworkers prepare some of the steelwork that bolts onto the main part of the vehicle, and this time I’ve remembered to photograph it for the blog. Some of this I mentioned in my previous post; this time I’ve added pictures. First, we removed the interim bumper […]

In regular use again

Now Marmalade is back in regular use in his new configuration, and I’m getting used to the handling. For everything except tight manouevering, there’s not a lot of difference; getting into narrow spaces without much room to swing in is of course a bit harder, and the steering takes more effort, but the overall difference […]

MOT and relicencing!

Yesterday morning, I completed preparation for the MOT test (UK compulsory annual vehicle test), fitted the new rear roofrack that had arrived, and set out for the MOT garage. Handling as a six-wheeler was easier than I had expected; I was anticipating him handling more like a large ocean-going vessel (which reminds me that I […]