Monthly Archives: September 2010

Back to cycling and a little ranting

Waiting for a major heart test had put me off cycling until I knew the result, and then I was out of the habit of it. But today I cycled to work, and it mostly felt good. The bit that wasn’t good was a tyre blowing out after going through a patch of broken glass […]

I shouldn’t be surprised

I left a program with lots of debugging printout running in an Emacs shell buffer, and when I came back to it the shell buffer had grown to 95 Mbytes. Emacs had much smaller buffer limits when I started to use it, and I remember being bemused when buffer limits changed to allow 8Mbyte files.  […]

A nice surprise

Over quite a few years, I wrote a largish Emacs-Lisp extension, Versor (versatile cursors). It’s great for editing Lisp, and reasonable for LaTeX etc, but I’ve not been using it so much recently because i’ve been working in C, and I need to improve its handling of C (which is fairly soon on my queue). […]

Nesting programming language text

Some time ago I started to implement nested language evaluation in Muesli, but I got bogged down. Now I’ve re-written it from scratch, as a state machine that copies the program text, making the necessary substitutions as it does so. So now it can evaluate this (with Scheme as the base language): (+ 3 {{lua: […]

Fun with the GM862 GSM/GPRS/GPS modem: All Your Base

I discovered an interesting command on the GM862, which I now haveset up with male/female headers soldered onto a Sparkfun RS232 evaluation board. The command is at#csurv, which does a `channel survey’ and reports lots of cool stuff back about all the base stations it can find. Wheeeee! Not that I understand it — yet. […]


I’ve had my angiogram done now, and I’m glad to say that not only did the procedure go OK, but also the finding was that I have no coronary artery narrowing or blockage (and apparently this means I’m safe from coronary artery problems for the next ten years). I’d been really worried about the risks […]

Start this series (points) there…

This is the end marker for a run of blog posts I put together on my laptop while offline on holiday, worrying about a hospital procedure that’s coming up in a couple of days. The series starts here and is written to make most sense if read from there forward. Now you’ll all know how […]

Where society went wrong?

There’s a choice our `western’ society (and others) stumbled into making, and I say `stumbled’ into it because I don’t get the impression that it was a fully thought-out choice. We now take it so much for granted that it may be quite shocking to suggest the alternative. The choice (if choice it was) was […]

Who am I? How did I get here? Where do I go next?

Who am I? As my angiogram, with its attendant risks, is only three days away at the time I’m writing this, I’m worrying about the risk of death and of going to hell, or even just the risk of death, and I’ve been reading about the growing body of non-scientific evidence for survival of the […]

Them and us (and Hill With Small Fields contra mundum)

In this post, I mentioned having a “them and us” attitude, in that I resent the nature of some — perhaps many — people, and perhaps look down on them. The distinction I make is probably a bundle of distinctions that I think tend to run together. One major distinction in the bundle is how […]