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Poised, ready to move

I’m not sure about “poised”, in fact, but I am on the point of moving. I’m in the last hour or so of my present job, and will head for a hackerspace meeting after that. Then tomorrow, I take the Land Rover to the garage to have the clutch fluid replaced (yes, I know, I […]

I’m going to a GeekNic

I hope to make it to the July Irish Geeknic in Dún Laoghaire this coming Sunday. Seeing that rail tickets cost more than driving there, but I don’t like to make longish driving journeys for just one thing, I’ll probably travel up Friday evening or Saturday, and find a campsite somewhere in County Wicklow, which […]

Cat names and status

Ruaraidh got through his operation comfortably enough, and enjoyed a brief spell as a housecat while recovering from the anaesthetic.  (They’re all outdoor cats.) The feral female who is becoming a bit tamer is now “Lilith” — still slightly sinister, but not as bad as her old name(s). And my name for the well-hung feral […]

Wounded cat

Last thing last night, one of the tame outdoor cats, Pangaroo (named from Pangur Bán, a white cat in an early Irish poem, and Rua (red), as he is mostly white with ginger patches), appeared after an absence of a couple of days, with a big open wound on his tummy, just above one of […]


One of the cats on the farm where I live had five kittens on Wednesday. Two of them have died (the mother had been sitting on them, instead of feeding them, when I first saw them) but the other three seem to be healthy. The mother is one of last year’s kittens, who I handled […]