Monthly Archives: November 2012

Rear bodywork now on

On Saturday, I took the roof and upper sides off the extra parts donor vehicle, and used the brackets from it to bolt the upper rear sides I bought separately on eBay into place. (These upper rear sides have the full-size sliding windows; my original ones have smaller, fixed, windows, and will be fitted further […]


Having made all the new steel frames, the next stage was to place the floor plate sections over them, and drill through the plates and the frames together to make sure the holes were aligned properly. After a late-night welding session putting weldnuts on and making various small changes, I had a collection of steel […]

Anticipation of a burst of progress

Following a long late-night MIG welding session on Tuesday, I took the various steel supports and brackets to the local galvanizing company yesterday morning. If I’m lucky, I should be able to collect them tomorrow, and spend tomorrow evening painting them, then a happy weekend bolting cold bits of metal together in a partly open-sided […]