Monthly Archives: April 2013

More recognizable now: roofrack and painting

Once I got the distinctive roofrack back on, everything really clicked into place for me. I got the forward extension to the roofrack made over a decade ago, when I got the rooftent, as the tent didn’t leave so much room for carrying things. Now I’ll have plenty of room, but I like the roofrack […]

First move under own power

We’ve made good progress on the Land Rover stretching project in the last week or so. I’ve been doing wiring and the remaining bits of bodywork, and my friendly expert has been doing the transmission and brakes and working out how to fit the exhaust together. The connector blocks on the back of the fusebox […]

Good progress but so busy with it I didn’t update the blog

I’ve been putting almost all my spare time into the Land Rover work recently, with good results. I got the second row seats into place; that area looks a bit bare, but I can tidy it up after getting the vehicle on the road. The front seats were fairly easy; this area has more in […]