Monthly Archives: March 2015

A quick update on Land-Rover work

I haven’t been doing much work on my Land Rover recently, because of the cold weather and lack of available dry daylight hours. I’ve been doing some wiring (still in progress), but as you can see, there’s some tidying-up to do on that before I regard it as “done” for a while. At least the […]

Getting started with Android (and the Pebble)

My lovely N900 phone is showing signs of wear, and I’ve decided to move onto Android, and have bought myself an HTC One M8, on the grounds that I might as well do it properly. My main requirement before switching fully is to get Emacs running on it, with Org-mode, and to do that, I’ve […]

A longer fast

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for some time now, a day at a time, and have found it very effective for losing weight, and probably for many other health improvements, not all which I’ve measured. I started off with 600 calories on the fasting days, and once I got used to it, found I could […]


At the end of January, I went to my second FOSDEM; I went a few years ago, then for the intervening years, various things intervened, although I would have liked to have gone; this year, everything was clear for me to go. The event was very well-attended, and covered a wide range of topics, with […]

At last, I go to the TaizĂ© meeting in Prague

Soon after I heard of the TaizĂ© movement, I saw a notice about the New Year’s meeting in Prague in 1990. Unfortunately, the local contact was someone in my parish who didn’t like me (OK, I fancied her, and she didn’t fancy me back and didn’t want me to be able to go) and she […]