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Co-ordinating and logging informal runs and rides

In my post about Little Stoke Parkrun, I suggested that a computerized system for co-ordinating and recording informal runs, so that people could do something like Parkrun, but without anyone being able to demand anything from them on the excuse of them being an “organization”, would be useful. I’m a programmer, and have some ideas […]

Twiddling progress

Although far from fluent with it, I’m now using my Twiddler for occasional real use. I’m using the Tabspace layout, which I think is a work of genius. I was surprised to find that the chords for letter combinations come to my finger memory more readily than those for single letters, I typed this post, […]

A new hobby: mapping

Despite having quite a few things I already mean to be doing regularly, I’ve been spending plenty of time lately on a newcomer to my set of activities: mapping on, which a friend recently introduced me to. It turns out to be utterly absorbing, obsessional, and reasonably relaxing. I find I get particularly fascinated […]

Preparing to twiddle

My HandyKey Twiddler arrived a few days ago. It’s a device I’ve long wanted, but as it had gone out of production I was expecting to have to make something similar using a teensyduino. However, I spotted that it is back in production, so I broke from my orderly gadget purchasing plan to get one […]

Something new to learn my way around: Nokia N900 and Maemo

[Update: don’t take this as instructions for what to do. When I next turned the phone off and back on again, it came up with weird collections of little boxes that appear to be missing characters in a font. It’s hard to tell what’s going on, and I’m about to try to reflash it using […]

Working unplugged

For about six or seven years now, I’ve had no network connection at home, and have shuttled the files I need on a USB flash memory device. (When I started doing this, I had a 32Mb one, built into a wristwatch; I’ve progressed to 16Gb now, in a conventional USB stick.) This way, I have […]