Monthly Archives: August 2010

Scary hinge

Next week I’m due to have an angiogram, and although the risk is described as `low’ I’m finding it a fairly scary prospect… going voluntarily for a procedure that has a risk of stroke or death.  The population risk for stroke or death is 1 in 1000, which may sound quite low, until you’ve got […]

Limerick Hackerspace

Yesterday evening I went to the initial meeting for setting up a Limerick Hackerspace. I think there were 15 people there in total. Discussions are now going on in our google group. We’re putting together a list of what we want from such a space, and have already been mentioning possible sites.

OSS Barcamp 2010

I’ve signed up for OSS Barcamp 2010. I’ll think about giving a talk at it — I’ll have to see which of my projects I feel are shiny enough nearer the time.

Irish Hackerspace Week

As I said I would, I went to some of the TOG‘s talks for Irish Hackerspaces Week, and was, of course, shown round their premises, a very suitable place for such a group. The talks I attended covered electrotextile hacking, Arduino, and the Processing environment on Monday night, and Sugar and lockpicking on Tuesday, all […]

I’m going to Irish Hackerspaces Week (well, some of it)

I’ve booked B&B for a couple of nights in Dublin, to get to some of Tog‘s talks in Irish Hackerspaces Week. Should be good for general networking too, and to exchange ideas with people, and to discuss project ideas (such as my vehicle tracker project).

A very strange effect

I’ve noticed a strange new effect in my use of the supermemo algorithm for language learning. Often, when the part of my mind of which I’m more aware sees a flashcard come up and says “Don’t know that one”, some other part of my mind has already got the answer. In the past, I’ve thought […]


On a recent trip to the UK, I saw a roadsign that made me stop and think: I like signs and symbols to which I can attach unexpected meaning. I remember visiting a friend who was spending a year in a religious community, and getting into theological and philosophical discussions, as one does. I had […]

That’s the way it is with habits

I said that I was going to try reduce my habit of web browsing, and that I’d report back… but I didn’t report back as soon as I meant to. As you might guess from that, my progress on it hasn’t been that rapid. I think I’ve reduced it a bit, and I’ve managed to […]

Language learning, up to July 2010

Here’s the first numeric status update for my project to learn several languages at once. Counts total learnt learning waiting BSQ 180 143 3 34 KHK 121 112 2 7 GLI 94 73 2 19 FIN 76 66 1 9 MLS 76 61 14 1 RUM 69 23 22 24 JPN 67 59 1 7 […]