Irish Hackerspace Week

As I said I would, I went to some of the TOG‘s talks for Irish Hackerspaces Week, and was, of course, shown round their premises, a very suitable place for such a group.

The talks I attended covered electrotextile hacking, Arduino, and the Processing environment on Monday night, and Sugar and lockpicking on Tuesday, all of which were interesting and almost all of which were new to me.

I’ve already got too long a project list, but something that occurred to me at the Sugar talk is to sugarize Mnemosyne. Now I don’t actually use Mnemosyne myself, but I use the Emacs implementation of such an algorithm and am very impressed by it. I’ll at least look into how hard such things are; it might be a good thing to turn up to do on a hackathon weekend, or something like that. But feel welcome to take the idea and just do it!

Limerick is moving a bit nearer to starting a hackerspace; there’ll be a meeting in the Absolute Hotel at 7:30 pm on Monday 23rd August; all welcome.


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