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A longer fast

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for some time now, a day at a time, and have found it very effective for losing weight, and probably for many other health improvements, not all which I’ve measured. I started off with 600 calories on the fasting days, and once I got used to it, found I could […]

An interesting task for the team

Last week we had a deadline at work, for a release, and now my boss is in the USA for the release conference. He set us a task to do in his absence: attend the beer festival! Since there’s probably a fairly high proportion of geeks attending, he said we could combine it with trying […]

Bread (machine) recipe improvements

I’ve continued to experiment with different ingredients to put into my bread machine, and have come up with another one I like. As before, it starts with the “brown bread” recipe from the machine’s instructions, that uses equal quantities of wholemeal and strong white flour. Use the normal amount of white flour, but replace some […]

Restaurant review: An Seana Cé, An Fheothanach, Contae Chiarraí, Éire

I’m not the best person to write a restaurant review, as I don’t go to restaurants much, and never to the expensive restaurants that make it to the Sunday newspapers etc. So there may be plenty of better restaurants, but I’ve just been back to the best restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, and that’s certainly […]

I’m going to a GeekNic

I hope to make it to the July Irish Geeknic in Dún Laoghaire this coming Sunday. Seeing that rail tickets cost more than driving there, but I don’t like to make longish driving journeys for just one thing, I’ll probably travel up Friday evening or Saturday, and find a campsite somewhere in County Wicklow, which […]

Bread — my best yet

I’ve never learnt much about cooking, but a few months ago I bought a home breadmaking machine, and after a bit of experimentation I got the hang of it (I hadn’t known about “strong flour” when I first tried it; that seems to be the main key), and have hardly ever bought shop bread since. […]