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Shops and places

Seeing this article reminded me never to shop in Kensington or Chelsea (the smallest kind of inconvenience for me, as I avoid London like the plague). I do very little shopping in my nearest city, Cambridge, either, also for reasons connected with local government. In 1970 a thriving central area of largely medieval buildings was […]


I moved into my new (rented) house yesterday evening. Getting there was a bit stressful, as I haven’t had a chance to get the Land Rover’s grinding noise fixed (probably a bad bearing or something like that). It’s a bit smaller than I had expected from Google Maps satellite view; I suppose that’s sufficiently detailed […]

Grrr… they’ve done it again

For the third time, I’ve headed to my local Maplin to buy something I noticed a while ago in their catalogue, only to find that they’ve discontinued it. The more that bricks-and-mortar stores do this kind of thing to me, the more I turn to shopping online… where I have found a similar product, but […]