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Co-ordinating and logging informal runs and rides

In my post about Little Stoke Parkrun, I suggested that a computerized system for co-ordinating and recording informal runs, so that people could do something like Parkrun, but without anyone being able to demand anything from them on the excuse of them being an “organization”, would be useful. I’m a programmer, and have some ideas […]

Starting running, and supporting Little Stoke Parkrun

I’ve made some very tentative attempts at starting running in the past year or so, but when I saw the news about the local council trying either to extract money from Little Stoke Parkrun (a free event in a public park) or to close it down, I felt I should start running to support the […]

My first trip to Albania

Quite some time ago, I got the idea of going on holiday in Albania for the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism there. I looked up the date in Wikipedia, and booked holiday, flights, and hotel for a week, so I’d have a few days either side of the celebrations in case the main […]

The rest of my shoulder repair episode

The rest of my shoulder episode. This is what my shoulder looked like soon after the surgery. For the first few weeks I was on a gradually decreasing intake of painkillers, as I built up my shoulder flexibility with physiotherapy. I could neither drive nor cycle, and there aren’t many buses near where I live, […]

A quick update on Land-Rover work

I haven’t been doing much work on my Land Rover recently, because of the cold weather and lack of available dry daylight hours. I’ve been doing some wiring (still in progress), but as you can see, there’s some tidying-up to do on that before I regard it as “done” for a while. At least the […]

Getting started with Android (and the Pebble)

My lovely N900 phone is showing signs of wear, and I’ve decided to move onto Android, and have bought myself an HTC One M8, on the grounds that I might as well do it properly. My main requirement before switching fully is to get Emacs running on it, with Org-mode, and to do that, I’ve […]


At the end of January, I went to my second FOSDEM; I went a few years ago, then for the intervening years, various things intervened, although I would have liked to have gone; this year, everything was clear for me to go. The event was very well-attended, and covered a wide range of topics, with […]

Getting my Krav Maga P2

A few months ago, I passed my Krav Maga P2 grading. Like my P1, this was on the second attempt. This time, I scraped through with a borderline pass. So now, I’m (just) trained up enough to deal with most civilian street attacks. At the time, I thought that P3 would be out of my […]

Camping and laning around Salisbury Plain

Since my last post, I’ve been doing various unfinished projects on Marmalade, hence not posting any more. But some of them are well on the way; in particular, I got the new tent cover pretty much working (although since then I’ve damaged it on an overgrown green lane, and have yet to fix that, of […]

My first year of intermittent fasting

I’ve now been doing Intermittent Fasting for a year. I saw the article by Michael Mosley on the BBC website, and thought I’d give it a try for a month, and started on 7th August, 2012. My original plan was to fast two days a week, but I immediately found it so much easier than […]