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Starting running, and supporting Little Stoke Parkrun

I’ve made some very tentative attempts at starting running in the past year or so, but when I saw the news about the local council trying either to extract money from Little Stoke Parkrun (a free event in a public park) or to close it down, I felt I should start running to support the […]

What is creepiness?

What is creepiness? We recognize it when we see it (in others, at any rate; creepy people don’t seem to recognize it in themselves, and that ties in with other aspects of creepiness), but it’s less easy to describe quite what it is. In this essay, I’ll be describing what I see as creepiness; others […]

A film I won’t see in the cinema

I see that the row about the Hobbit pub is rumbling on. It’s a film I probably would have made the effort to go to a cinema to see, but now, as a matter of principle, I’ll wait until I can get it on a second-hand DVD, to avoid paying the Saul Zaentz Company anything. […]

Shops and places

Seeing this article reminded me never to shop in Kensington or Chelsea (the smallest kind of inconvenience for me, as I avoid London like the plague). I do very little shopping in my nearest city, Cambridge, either, also for reasons connected with local government. In 1970 a thriving central area of largely medieval buildings was […]

So annoyed I could have had icily polite words with someone

On my way home from work today, as usual I used the large roundabout with traffic lights at Milton Junction. I had stopped for the lights, being the first vehicle in the queue, and as I was starting a car went across in front of me going round the roundabout, not just narrowly proceding on […]

Too mind-numbing for me

I went to the gym after work today, and the mind-numbing crap being played through the loudspeakers was too bad to suppress with actual music through my headphones, so, on an impulse that had been pending for a while, I went to reception and cancelled my subscription from the end of the month. (I now […]