Monthly Archives: April 2012

I darken the sky with lightswitches

I’ve been working for some time, in any suitable moment, on replacing the separate switch panels that control the auxiliary lighting and other equipment that I’ve added to my Land-Rover. The old panels had so much wiring crammed behind them that they had become very hard to re-attach to the vehicle if I ever had […]

Preparations for “project 170”

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been preparing for my “Project 170” — converting my Land-Rover 110 into a Land-Rover 170, as described in A new project begins. I’m still waiting for the new chassis; the chassis fabricator is still waiting for the laser-cut metal to be delivered, but at least they know some of […]

Grrr.. my gmail is down

My gmail hasn’t been working all day…. a reminder that I’m not a customer of theirs, but part of a product! Or perhaps they’ve worked out that that account is associated with someone who has written publicly that he tries to avoid buying things he can remember seeing advertised. No, that’s probably attributing too much […]