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Building a recumbent carrier

Sometimes I go on trips where I want to use my recumbent trike, that are further from home than I can reasonably cycle to. The trike can fit inside my Land Rover’s loadspace, but getting it in and out is cumbersome (particularly now that I have started to develop rotator cuff problems), and for some […]

I darken the sky with lightswitches

I’ve been working for some time, in any suitable moment, on replacing the separate switch panels that control the auxiliary lighting and other equipment that I’ve added to my Land-Rover. The old panels had so much wiring crammed behind them that they had become very hard to re-attach to the vehicle if I ever had […]

The satisfaction of construction

I spent this afternoon doing metalwork, making the casing for a new lighting system for my recumbent trike. It’ll fit on the rear carrier, with the battery in the base of the system (roughly behind my shoulders) and two uprights of box-section aluminium rising up to a crosspiece higher than my head (so it’ll be […]