Monthly Archives: June 2012

Old chassis stripped almost completely

“Marmalade” is now down to the `rolling chassis’ stage on the old chassis. Only the suspension, axles, and fuel tank remain to come off; then we can remove the old chassis and bring the new one into place to attach to the axles and suspension, and the actual rebuild will begin. It was a bit […]

Deconstruction well under way

When I arrived to work on the Land Rover today, I found further progress had been made in my absence: This revealed that it is indeed high time to replace the chassis: The seat boxes, which I extended downwards, are also out: The gearboxes are still in; I expect they, and the engine, will come […]

A fiddly stage

Today I got back to the Land-Rover work, and started by removing various extra equipment I had added in the rear tub. The result looks pleasingly more like a blank slate for rebuilding, although there are quite a lot of drilled holes that will no longer be needed. Unfortunately, when I removed the floor lining, […]

Upper bodywork removed

As planned, today’s Land Rover work went from a slighty bare-looking hardtop body to an open-topped one. Like yesterday, today had a lot of turning small things counter-clockwise, then pulling or lifting large things outwards. I’d previously used oil sprays such as WD-40 to release bolts, but this time I’m using a purpose-made releasing spray […]

Work begins on Project 170

About a week ago, my new Land-Rover chassis was delivered, fresh from the galvanizers. The friend whose garage it is at was busy for the week, but now is ready for me to come round to start on the project while he finishes some other work in the workshop. So, this morning, I drove round, […]