Monthly Archives: July 2012

Some things to avoid

I’m glad to see that Paul Chambers’ Twitter conviction has been quashed. But I’ll still boycott Robin Hood Airport, unless I hear that they’ve sacked the off-duty duty manager who reported the tweet as menacing. (Update: I have found a page that includes the names of some of those to blame.) This turned up just […]

The rebuild begins

Today I took the day as annual leave, as my Land Rover expert friend had the day free to work on it with me. I started to fit bushes and brackets to the new chassis, while he replaced bushes on the front axle’s radius arms; then we attached the front axle to the chassis, and […]

Recent progress

“Project 170” has been ticking over for a couple of weeks, as my co-conspirator has had some more urgent projects on. I’ve been making the new wiring hub, nominally the `fusebox’ but not that many of the wires there actually go via fuses; many simply come in on one 8-core cable and go out on […]