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My second trip to Albania, and OSCAL

I took a liking to Albania on my first visit, and met up with the local hackerspace, Open Labs, who invited me to come to their annual conference, OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania). I happily booked transport and hotel for this, including a few days either side of the conference for general holiday and OpenStreetMap […]

My first trip to Albania

Quite some time ago, I got the idea of going on holiday in Albania for the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism there. I looked up the date in Wikipedia, and booked holiday, flights, and hotel for a week, so I’d have a few days either side of the celebrations in case the main […]


At the end of January, I went to my second FOSDEM; I went a few years ago, then for the intervening years, various things intervened, although I would have liked to have gone; this year, everything was clear for me to go. The event was very well-attended, and covered a wide range of topics, with […]

EMFcamp (and some geek clothing)

I attended my first geek festival earlier this year: EMFcamp. I really enjoyed it, and will definitely go again. As I was travelling, and camping, in Marmalade, my six-wheeled Land Rover, I helped Makespace (the hackerspace of which I am a member) by transporting several people and lots of stuff there, including a marquee. Only […]

An interesting task for the team

Last week we had a deadline at work, for a release, and now my boss is in the USA for the release conference. He set us a task to do in his absence: attend the beer festival! Since there’s probably a fairly high proportion of geeks attending, he said we could combine it with trying […]

My first FOSDEM

Last weekend, I went to FOSDEM for my first time. I think I failed to make the most of the opportunity (I didn’t get into general conversations with interesting strangers much, just asked some questions in talks and at stalls; that’s partly my common inclination, and partly being pissed off about the process of getting […]

Limerick Hackerspace

Yesterday evening I went to the initial meeting for setting up a Limerick Hackerspace. I think there were 15 people there in total. Discussions are now going on in our google group. We’re putting together a list of what we want from such a space, and have already been mentioning possible sites.

OSS Barcamp 2010

I’ve signed up for OSS Barcamp 2010. I’ll think about giving a talk at it — I’ll have to see which of my projects I feel are shiny enough nearer the time.

Irish Hackerspace Week

As I said I would, I went to some of the TOG‘s talks for Irish Hackerspaces Week, and was, of course, shown round their premises, a very suitable place for such a group. The talks I attended covered electrotextile hacking, Arduino, and the Processing environment on Monday night, and Sugar and lockpicking on Tuesday, all […]

I’m going to Irish Hackerspaces Week (well, some of it)

I’ve booked B&B for a couple of nights in Dublin, to get to some of Tog‘s talks in Irish Hackerspaces Week. Should be good for general networking too, and to exchange ideas with people, and to discuss project ideas (such as my vehicle tracker project).