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The rest of my shoulder repair episode

The rest of my shoulder episode. This is what my shoulder looked like soon after the surgery. For the first few weeks I was on a gradually decreasing intake of painkillers, as I built up my shoulder flexibility with physiotherapy. I could neither drive nor cycle, and there aren’t many buses near where I live, […]

My first surgery since childhood: left rotator cuff tendon repair

Over the past year or so, I’ve been getting shoulder problems, and it got to the stage where I got referred to a specialist, who, having taken an MRI scan, recommended arthroscopic (keyhole) rotator cuff repair surgery. Having had the options explained, I agreed, with some trepidation. How I caused the injury was related to […]

A longer fast

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for some time now, a day at a time, and have found it very effective for losing weight, and probably for many other health improvements, not all which I’ve measured. I started off with 600 calories on the fasting days, and once I got used to it, found I could […]

My first tattoos

To celebrate getting my P2 grade in Krav Maga, I got my first two tattoos, both of them Christian symbols: an Icthys (Jesus Fish), and a Trinity knot. I was a bit nervous beforehand about how painful it would be, but it wasn’t that bad; around the nettle-sting level, although more concentrated. By the time […]

My first year of intermittent fasting

I’ve now been doing Intermittent Fasting for a year. I saw the article by Michael Mosley on the BBC website, and thought I’d give it a try for a month, and started on 7th August, 2012. My original plan was to fast two days a week, but I immediately found it so much easier than […]