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My second trip to Albania, and OSCAL

I took a liking to Albania on my first visit, and met up with the local hackerspace, Open Labs, who invited me to come to their annual conference, OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania). I happily booked transport and hotel for this, including a few days either side of the conference for general holiday and OpenStreetMap […]

My first trip to Albania

Quite some time ago, I got the idea of going on holiday in Albania for the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism there. I looked up the date in Wikipedia, and booked holiday, flights, and hotel for a week, so I’d have a few days either side of the celebrations in case the main […]

EMFcamp (and some geek clothing)

I attended my first geek festival earlier this year: EMFcamp. I really enjoyed it, and will definitely go again. As I was travelling, and camping, in Marmalade, my six-wheeled Land Rover, I helped Makespace (the hackerspace of which I am a member) by transporting several people and lots of stuff there, including a marquee. Only […]

My annual day of extraversion

For most of the time, I’m fairly introverted, and tend to guard my personal space quite strongly, and am slow to contact strangers, and get uncomfortable in crowds of strangers, particularly when I have little in common with them. However, I can be more outgoing, even with a lot of people around, at least if […]

Islands, church trips, and the delay of gratification

Last weekend was a bit of a flop, in many ways. At least that should mean things have more potential to get better! I had been meaning to go to OSSbarcamp, and thought I had booked the hotel for my stay, but it turned out I’d forgotten, and all the ones I could find with […]

Tósaigh mé an téacs seo ar An Bhlascaoid Mór!

Tósaigh mé an téacs seo ar An Bhlascaoid Mór! I arrived by the ferry, of course, and my arrival was spoilt by some insensitive chump singing silly songs, so I got out my personal stereo that I use to mask out annoying music, and selected Brandenburg 1: Adagio. It suited the mood of the disinhabited […]

Back from holiday

I’m back from a short holiday in West Kerry, including my first two visits to the Great Blasket Island — I wish I had discovered it earlier, I would have been there many times by now! And I still have the angiogram hanging over me (Thursday) which will be the highest-risk half-hour or hour of […]