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I change jobs

My old job expired a few months ago; the project I was on was starting to shut down, and I was one of the people that made redundant. It wasn’t at all traumatic; I got quite a few interviews, and three job offers, one of which would have required relocating or commuting; I preferred to […]


I started my new job yesterday, and am still in the process of getting a machine set up. I think I’ll like it here! The only awkward thing was that the Land Rover went wrong on the way to work, so I was late; but it’s not the kind of place where people are bothered […]

Poised, ready to move

I’m not sure about “poised”, in fact, but I am on the point of moving. I’m in the last hour or so of my present job, and will head for a hackerspace meeting after that. Then tomorrow, I take the Land Rover to the garage to have the clutch fluid replaced (yes, I know, I […]

I’ll be moving soon

I had an intense couple of days in the UK last week, being interviewed by two companies. Both of them made me offers, and I accepted the one back in my old home town. So, I’ll soon be looking for accomodation (over the web, mostly) and in a few weeks will be moving. I’ll probably […]

Job search in progress

I took another step into the 21st century (in case there are any interesting jobs there 😉 and finally got Skype. I hadn’t bothered before, as I don’t have an internet connection at home, and at work I’m in a shared lab and we generally take phone calls outside. But, a company in the UK […]

Almost complete!

My dayjob project is now almost complete! It’s running the main testcase satisfactorily, it seems, and after checking that it runs on other cases, and a bit of tidying-up, I can move on to doing experiments with it, and getting some research publications written. I’ll also add to the documentation. My contract finishes at the […]

Scary hinge

Next week I’m due to have an angiogram, and although the risk is described as `low’ I’m finding it a fairly scary prospect… going voluntarily for a procedure that has a risk of stroke or death.  The population risk for stroke or death is 1 in 1000, which may sound quite low, until you’ve got […]