Poised, ready to move

I’m not sure about “poised”, in fact, but I am on the point of moving. I’m in the last hour or so of my present job, and will head for a hackerspace meeting after that. Then tomorrow, I take the Land Rover to the garage to have the clutch fluid replaced (yes, I know, I should be able to do that myself… if I could find a time when I was free to do it, in daylight, and the farmyard was dry enough) as it tends to get an air bubble when I’ve been driving fast for a distance — I treat clutch fluid as being less critical, in terms of not using any that has been exposed to the moisture in the air, than brake fluid (it’s actually the same stuff, but one expects the clutch not to get as hot as brakes); however, on my vehicle, the clutch pipe passes quite close to the exhaust. Sometime I’ll get underneath and lag it.
I also have to catch the two cats I want to bring with me, so that they’ll be around when I set out. Ruaraidh isn’t keen on being enclosed, and I’m worried that he’ll meow the whole journey. Pangaroo doesn’t mind journeys, as long as he can see out the window.
Much of tomorrow morning will be fitting boxes and other things into the Land Rover, packing them around a nice Swedish table and chairs set that I think was probably a wedding gift to my parents. I’m probably hosting some of my relatives for Christmas this year, and it would be nice to have something inherited there.
Then, aiming for leaving just after lunch, I’ll drive to Rosslare to stay in B&B, and get the 9 o’clock ferry in the morning, which draws into Fishguard around lunchtime. After that, it’s a long, but usually straightforward, drive to the Cambridge area, where I’ll stay the night at a family property.
Friday will be the day I wake up into having returned to the UK… and immediately have to start dealing with practicalities, such as insurance, and taking the cats to a boarding cattery, and paperwork for the house I’ll be renting (which I can move into a bit over a week later). So I may not have much time for email and blogging for the next week or so!
On Monday, I’ll start work at my new job. I was encouraged that their “welcome” email said to turn up at 10:30, not at 8:30 or 9:00. It does sound like a company run by and for techies.


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