I change jobs

My old job expired a few months ago; the project I was on was starting to shut down, and I was one of the people that made redundant.

It wasn’t at all traumatic; I got quite a few interviews, and three job offers, one of which would have required relocating or commuting; I preferred to take up one of the ones that was nearby, as for the time being I’m happy to stay in the same geographical area.

As I don’t want to have to avoid controversy to avoid annoying an employer, I’m not naming either my old employer or my new one (nor, for that matter, myself, although it’s not difficult to find links between this blog name and my personal name; I’m just not making them explicitly myself).

Anyway, I’m happy with the new job. I drafted this post a few months ago, along with several others, then didn’t get round to finishing and releasing them, so now I’ve been in the job for half a year, and it still suits me, and my line manager has been telling me to look at what I have to do to be ready to be considered for moving up a grade. Not that that side of it is that important to me: I’m glad to be doing something complex enough to be interesting, but not so complex as to be frustrating.


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