Monthly Archives: January 2013

Middle section welding completed

On Saturday, we got the rest of the steelwork for the middle section welded, which means there’s now quite a bit that I can do unassisted, and will probably use up some days of annual leave this week to get on with that (it may be windy, but at least it won’t be as cold). […]

More bodywork

Over the last few weeks, more bodywork has been going on. Some ot the latest bits are just a test fit, wedged precariously into approximate place, but the ones before that are solidly attached. I’ll go through the stages, to document the growth of the vehicle thoroughly. My apologies for the feebleness of my camera […]

Progress on my Land-Rover extension

I’ve just realized it’s about a month since I posted anything… I have been working away on it in odd moments, and here I am without my camera USB lead, so I can’t post a new picture. Since the last picture, the most noticeable change is that both parts of the roof are now on; […]