Monthly Archives: March 2010

Not the way I’d choose to test my HPV design and construction

As I was cycling into work this morning, on my enclosed recumbent trike, someone drove into me from the side, knocking me about six feet sideways. Fortunately the rain cover of the trike is made of polycarbonate, the same stuff as vandal-proof bus shelters, and I was unhurt (and the trike doesn’t seem to be […]

I’ve started to publicize my pet project

I could have gone on improving it, and not calling it “ready” for months to come, but on the basis of “release early, release often”, I’ve now submitted a Free Software package I started, to, a name that makes me think of being torn apart by lions. Let’s see what the lions make of […]

Welcome to Hill With Small Fields!

I’m a programmer (research assistant) in a research team at a university in the west of Ireland. I’m likely to be blogging about Free / Open Source software, Land-Rovers, rural life, recumbent bikes, Krav Maga, Ballroom Dancing (must be careful not to confuse those two!), programming languages, human languages, writing, and the quiet side of […]