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Co-ordinating and logging informal runs and rides

In my post about Little Stoke Parkrun, I suggested that a computerized system for co-ordinating and recording informal runs, so that people could do something like Parkrun, but without anyone being able to demand anything from them on the excuse of them being an “organization”, would be useful. I’m a programmer, and have some ideas […]


Near the end of the Iain M Banks novel “Look to windward”, an artificial assassin arrives on the target planet as a cloud of e-dust particles, which gather together and condense into a recognizable imitation of the targets’ own species. My return to the Cambridge area seems to have something in common with this, not […]

Fun with the GM862 GSM/GPRS/GPS modem: All Your Base

I discovered an interesting command on the GM862, which I now haveset up with male/female headers soldered onto a Sparkfun RS232 evaluation board. The command is at#csurv, which does a `channel survey’ and reports lots of cool stuff back about all the base stations it can find. Wheeeee! Not that I understand it — yet. […]