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Fun with the GM862 GSM/GPRS/GPS modem: All Your Base

I discovered an interesting command on the GM862, which I now haveset up with male/female headers soldered onto a Sparkfun RS232 evaluation board. The command is at#csurv, which does a `channel survey’ and reports lots of cool stuff back about all the base stations it can find. Wheeeee! Not that I understand it — yet. […]

Connecting up my GM862 — the first step towards my DIY vehicle tracker

At last, all the parts have arrived (or so I thought) for connecting up my GM862 via a breakout board, and so I plugged the module in to the board, and found that the antennae had a different type of connector from those on the module, so I couldn’t do any actual GSM/GPRS or GPS […]

Sonin saikhan baina

An uneventful week. The tame mummy cat has moved her kittens to somewhere safer; the feral mummy cat has moved hers to somewhere where I can’t tame them, evidently humans are a bad influence.  I have at last identified what I’ve been finding uncanny about one of my favourites of the farm cats, Pangaroo: there’s […]