Resuming cycling to work

Today I cycled to work for the first time in this job, on my recumbent trike. I came back fairly early, as I haven’t finished making my new lighting set. It was about an hour’s ride each way; I didn’t have GPS on and so didn’t record the distance. It was quite a pleasant ride; much of it is on rural cyclepaths. In fact, most of it is along National Cycle Route 51 which cuts across fields and commons.

The gears made a bit more noise on the way home; I suspect that although I had parked it in an obscure corner of our covered car park, someone has sat on the seat and fiddled with the gear twistgrips while not going along, and so twisted the derailleur. I’m already thinking of ways to lock the gearchange (probably a padlockable eye on the cable) as well as locking the handlebar to stop people sitting on the trike and dry-steering it (which is not good for it).

I wasn’t particularly fast; I’m out of condition, having not ridden at all for the couple of months since I returned to England, and not as much as I would have liked in my busy last month in Ireland. I’ll be quite pleased if I can get the ride down to about 40 minutes, and very pleased if I can get it down to 30 minutes.


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