Preparing to twiddle

My HandyKey Twiddler arrived a few days ago. It’s a device I’ve long wanted, but as it had gone out of production I was expecting to have to make something similar using a teensyduino. However, I spotted that it is back in production, so I broke from my orderly gadget purchasing plan to get one quickly in case they went out of production again.

It eventually arrived, on the third attempt to deliver it; first I was away on my way to FOSDEM, then I didn’t have cash on me, then at last I got to pay the import duty and it was handed over. I was a bit disappointed, as its fit to my hand wasn’t that good; however, people seem to reckon they’re pretty ergonomic, so I’ll probably find it OK once I get used to it.

I was also disappointed by the crudity of the key layout, but it is possible to change that, so I’m putting off learning it until I’ve installed the third-party tabspace layout (in the form of tabspace2.1. But I’ll do all the configuration and stuff another day, rather than muck it up when tired in the evening.


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