I moved into my new (rented) house yesterday evening. Getting there was a bit stressful, as I haven’t had a chance to get the Land Rover’s grinding noise fixed (probably a bad bearing or something like that). It’s a bit smaller than I had expected from Google Maps satellite view; I suppose that’s sufficiently detailed that I thought it was larger than it is. Anyway, it’s plenty big enough for one (or two, should a partner appear in my life). I made a quick inventory of what came with the house: walls, roof, garden, etc; there wasn’t much already installed, apart from the central heating and an oven. So this morning I went to work via Argos as a quick source of kettle, toaster, etc. One of my brothers is quite into auctions, and has suggested I can get some of the rest of what I need at local auctions; I may well try this, which will be a new experience for me.

When I got up this morning the disappointment at the size vanished; I think that was just me being ratty about travelling with a dodgy bearing. And it has a nice sized garden, with some privacy; it’s got a hedge around it, with arches at the end looking out onto open countryside.

I managed to unload everything in time to get to the village pub in time to eat there; it’s a Free House, and a bit of a gastropub, so that was satisfying. I’ve still got a few things to fetch from being stored with relatives, and quite a bit to collect from Ireland, which I’ll probably do early next year; I hope the cats will be catchable this time!


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