More Land Rover work: the tandem wheelarches

With a bit of subcontracting (for TIG-welding of aluminium, as well as the folding of it in a brake press), I’ve got Marmalade’s treadplate wheelarches built, and a lot of treadplate rivetted onto the sides of the vehicle and welded to the arches to stabilize them. With a bit of brachiation, it’s now possible to get from any door to any other door or to the roofrack, without stepping on the ground; potentially useful if I park or camp somewhere prone to flooding or mud.

A wheelarch, still shiny

A wheelarch, still shiny. This is too blingy for me; I’ll have to paint it soon.

Of course, I painted them to match.

A painted wheelarch

A wheelarch, painted to an approximate match (well, red, anyway).

I’ve also been doing some work on the tent cover, which is made from a short wheelbase Land-Rover roof that I shortened further and widened. I’m partway through wiring it up; it has a brace of solar panels, one for the main battery and one for the camping battery; and it has an LED strip on the underside (because, LED strip). I’ve changed the support legs, so they’re now all solid box-section steel (originally some of the were just metal pipes); and the rear ones are now guided on the way up, to help stabilize the cover. When I’ve got the lift handle done (another TIG-welding aluminium job), I’ll put a camera (built as a reversing camera) into the end of it, facing forwards, as that’s the highest point of the vehicle, so that I can see whether I can fit under an obstacle such as a low bridge or a garage door; it should also be useful for checking that roofrack loads aren’t shifting too much.

Inside the cab, I’ve at last fitted the Raptor Console I bought a while back, and shortened some of the wires behind it. I’ve still got to shorten the wires between it and the fusebox, before I can finish enclosing that part of the works; once I’ve done that, I can then put the fusebox cover back on, along with the little litter bin that slides onto it.


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