I shouldn’t be surprised

I left a program with lots of debugging printout running in an Emacs shell buffer, and when I came back to it the shell buffer had grown to 95 Mbytes. Emacs had much smaller buffer limits when I started to use it, and I remember being bemused when buffer limits changed to allow 8Mbyte files.  I’ve just looked it up, and found that the current limit, for 32-bit Emacs, is 128Mbytes.  I think that for the time being I don’t need to move up to 64-bit Emacs, with its 2^59-1 byte limit.

I also shouldn’t have been surprised that I resisted the temptation to have potato au gratin for lunch, and had soup,  keeping in mind my intention to get fitter and to lose weight.  I hope to make a habit of it!


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