N900 update

I now have my N900 set up much of the way I want it; the next lot of changes will be some Emacs-Lisp to suit the circumstances.

I’ve got Emacs working OK on it, but although on a desktop or laptop I rarely use the mouse, the small size of keyboard on the N900 will mean I use the stylus more. I’ll adapt org-mode, to make the “TODO/DONE etc” fields clickable to cycle between the states, and I’ll make the indentation stars clickable for conceal/reveal subtrees. I’ll adapt flashcard mode, to put up 1-5 on the screen for me to tap, so I can use it with the keyboard closed.

I’ve got gnumeric installed, and it seems to work alright. I’ve accumulated details of my spending for a while now, week by week, using the spreadsheet in my Communicator 9500; but I rarely get round to stitching the weekly spreadsheets together. The N900 gives me the impression I can do a month or a year in one sheet more comfortably, so the frequent stitching won’t be such an issue; and I can then integrate information from online banking more easily.

The third thing I wanted to install is ogg vorbis support, and that works fine.

In the longer term, I’d like to be able to control the phone part of the device from Emacs, so I can dial from bbdb. I haven’t had the time to look into the Maemo phone interface properly; I suspect dbus will be involved (which Emacs already supports). Using Emacs mail facilities for SMS would be nice too šŸ™‚

Overall, I’m very pleased with the device, with the only drawback being the battery life. I’ll probably get one of the third-party larger batteries sometime.


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