Getting started with Android (and the Pebble)

My lovely N900 phone is showing signs of wear, and I’ve decided to move onto Android, and have bought myself an HTC One M8, on the grounds that I might as well do it properly. My main requirement before switching fully is to get Emacs running on it, with Org-mode, and to do that, I’ve installed the Android Debian Kit. I haven’t got as far as a cleanly-running Emacs, so I’m still carrying both phones with me. I’m thinking of going in at the deep end, and starting a native full port, compiling Emacs to use Android’s UI toolkit instead of X, but haven’t started on that yet (I’ve got quite a few projects to tidy up first). I also want to run a spreadsheet on it, as I record my financial transactions pretty much as they happen, and also my weight daily and some of my exercise routine.

As well as the phone, I’ve bought myself a Pebble Steel smartwatch; it’s not the most powerful smartwatch around, but it does look reasonably like a watch. I’d really like to run org-mode on that, but since running Emacs on it isn’t going to be possible, I’ve started to create zorg-mode, a somewhat compressed clone of parts of org-mode, that should be enough for managing my todo-list (synchronizing it with the phone).

I’m very impressed with the HTC One M8, and, despite its limitations, I’m beyond very impressed with the Pebble Steel. I’m less impressed with the effort it’s taking to get its development environment running on my Debian system, though, and, although I don’t like such things, I’ve started to use their cloud-hosted development system instead.


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