Getting my Krav Maga P2

A few months ago, I passed my Krav Maga P2 grading. Like my P1, this was on the second attempt. This time, I scraped through with a borderline pass. So now, I’m (just) trained up enough to deal with most civilian street attacks.

At the time, I thought that P3 would be out of my reach, but now I expect I’ll eventually go for it. I’m not the fastest at learning physical skills, and I’m not the most co-ordinated of people (typical Aspie-ish techie, I suppose) so it’ll probably take me a while to feel ready.

To do P3, I’ll have to be able to do combat rolls, which so far I seem to be unable to do, so I should start practicing headstands / handstands at home before long.

In the process of getting this far, I found I’ve become a lot fitter than when I started, and can run without getting short of breath. I’m not a particularly fast runner, and I can’t run as far as many people, but, after kicking an attacker on the knee hard enough to “chicken-leg” them, I should be able to get away 🙂


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